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  3. Chilaquiles – A Traditional Mexican Food — August 20, 2016
  4. Tasty Mexican Churros — August 12, 2016
  5. Using Cinnamon In Mexican Desserts — August 12, 2016

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Dec 26

Aztec Soup – Easy and Deliciously Mexican

Tortilla Soup

Aztec soup, or sopa azteca as it is known in Mexico, is a famous dish. It varies from region to region and different chilies are used in different versions of this tasty dish. This tomato-based Mexican food recipe is richly flavored with garlic and onions and the avocado, tortilla chips and chicken add even more …

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Aug 21

How To Make Mexican Mixiotes

Mexican Mixiotes

Mixiotes are wonderful to eat and if you enjoy traditional Mexican foods you will love them. The word “mixiote” refers both to a meat stew and to the wrapping used to contain each stew. This wrapping is made from the outer layer of a maguey leaf. If you cannot buy these leaves from a Latin …

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Aug 20

Chilaquiles – A Traditional Mexican Food


So, what are chilaquiles exactly? They are a classic dish from Mexico, usually made with corn tortillas, which are stir-fried with spices and chicken and served with cheese. In the Sinaloa region of Mexico, a white sauce is served over them. Fried or scrambled eggs are sometimes used in the recipe. Red or green salsa …

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Aug 12

Tasty Mexican Churros


Churros are a popular treat in Mexico and are sometimes called a Spanish doughnut. These fried strips of dough are crisp and sweet, thanks to their coating of cinnamon sugar. In the United States, you can often get churros at the local county fairs. They are the perfect portable snack. The first time you taste …

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Aug 12

Using Cinnamon In Mexican Desserts


Reddish brown in color and pungent yet sweet in flavor, cinnamon is a rather popular spice that warms the taste buds and adds an incredible amount of interest to even the most ordinary of dishes. Although the aroma of cinnamon usually invokes visions of hot apple cider or freshly baked cinnamon buns, the spice can …

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Aug 09

4 Recipe Ideas for Mexican Dips

guacamole and queso with tortilla chips

Mexican dips are a great idea if you are looking for inspiration for a buffet or dinner party. They can be quick and easy to prepare and most chilled ones just involve combining ingredients. If you are looking for something exciting, what about making a layered one or something hot? Here are four great, tried, …

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Aug 07

Mole Negro Recipe For A Special Occasion

Mole Negro

There are lots of types of mole, a famous Mexican sauce, but this one is especially rich in flavor. Mole negro takes a long time to cook and you will need a number of different ingredients, many of which are only available from Mexican food stores or online. If you want to make something extra …

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Aug 07

Japanese Mexican Recipes – The New Fusion Trend

Crispy tuna taco with tomatillo and avocado salsa with pickled jalapeno

You might not think that Mexican food recipes and Japanese ones have much in common but it is amazing how well these two cuisines can be combined. Asian Mexican fusion food has recently become to get popular, in parts of Mexico and also in the United States and Europe. There are various misconceptions about both …

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Aug 06

How To Make Mexican Lamb Stew


Mexicans enjoy cooking lamb or chicken over the barbacoa (fire pit) during the main holidays and lamb is also used in some other traditional Mexican recipes. You can use it in place of beef or chicken to make tacos or fajitas, perhaps substituting the cilantro for fresh mint, since lamb and mint are so good …

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Aug 06

Mexican Hot Chocolate & Champurrados

Tasty churros and hot chocolate

We are surrounded by chocolate. It is in candy bars of course, cakes, and other baked goods. Then there are the little hints of chocolate in other things, like lip gloss, perfume, even a men’s body spray. Now it is beginning to appear in savory combinations. This should not come as any surprise. Mexican cooks …

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