Category: Mexican Desserts

Aug 12

Tasty Mexican Churros

Churros are a popular treat in Mexico and are sometimes called a Spanish doughnut. These fried strips of dough are crisp and sweet, thanks to their coating of cinnamon sugar. In the United States, you can often get churros at the local county fairs. They are the perfect portable snack. The first time you taste …

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Aug 12

Using Cinnamon In Mexican Desserts

Reddish brown in color and pungent yet sweet in flavor, cinnamon is a rather popular spice that warms the taste buds and adds an incredible amount of interest to even the most ordinary of dishes. Although the aroma of cinnamon usually invokes visions of hot apple cider or freshly baked cinnamon buns, the spice can …

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Aug 02

Easy Mexican Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Pudding is a tasty treat that is easy to make and usually only needs few ingredients to be delicious. Mexican pudding is no exception and there are plenty of variations to consider. You can also experiment with a few of your favorite foods and flavorings to create the perfect pudding. Arroz con leche is a …

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Jul 12

How To Use Vanilla Beans

A lot of home chefs just reach for the bottle of vanilla extract when they want to add this taste to their traditional Mexican foods or whichever recipes they are making, but the fresh pods are a much better idea. Just like using a stick of cinnamon gives a more authentic flavor than using a …

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Jun 12

Recipe for Mexican Fried Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream – An Unusual Treat Have you ever tried fried ice cream? Many Mexican restaurants serve it. You can also find another variation at some Asian restaurants. They vary a little from each other, but the basics are the same: a scoop of ice cream is rolled in a breading or batter and …

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Mar 10

Bittersweet Mexican Chocolate Flan

Are you in the mood for a rich, decadent, and delicious dessert? Does your mouth water at the thought of puddings or custards? If so, then you may like to try making a bittersweet Mexican chocolate flan. If you do not already know the deliciousness of enjoying a flan, you may wonder what it is. …

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Feb 06

Mexican Cherry and Raisin Rice Pudding Recipe

Classic Mexican Desserts Rich tasting, delicious desserts abound south of the border where a myriad cultures have come together to contribute their best ingredients and methods for creating the most incredible tasting foods possible. Whether it is native foods such as the unique tasting sapote or imported ingredients from around the world, Mexican cuisine is …

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Mar 17

Classic Flan Recipe

Calling flan a caramel custard is to do it an injustice. No mere pudding, this traditional Mexican dessert is the crème de la crème of sweets. Of course, not surprisingly, there are a hundred and one variations on the basic recipe. But sometimes the original is so much more than one can expect, to alter …

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May 12

4 Favorite Mexican Dessert Recipes

Mexican desserts aren’t the first thing that leap to mind when thinking of Mexican cuisine. But given some of the outrageously delicious possibilities, maybe it should be. Here’s a sample that should convince anyone. Crema Catalana Crema Catalana or Catalan Cream is the Catalan version of crème brulée.  An import from the Catalan area of …

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