Category: Mexican Recipes

Jun 25

Two Great Mexican Rice Recipes

Rice is a popular grain in authentic Mexican food recipes and there are different ways to make Mexican side dishes and entrees with it. Make sure you use a good quality stock or broth when making the following recipes, because you will really be able to taste the difference. Also, make sure you cook the …

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Jun 12

Recipe for Mexican Fried Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream – An Unusual Treat Have you ever tried fried ice cream? Many Mexican restaurants serve it. You can also find another variation at some Asian restaurants. They vary a little from each other, but the basics are the same: a scoop of ice cream is rolled in a breading or batter and …

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May 03

Mexican Kabobs – A Great Cinco De Mayo Recipe

Kabobs might not be one of the traditional Mexican foods but, if you enjoy both Mexican food recipes and grilling, why not make some tasty kabobs? It is easy to add a south of the border flavor to kabob recipes and you can team chicken and vegetables to make a colorful and appetizing dish. This …

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Apr 23

An Authentic Mexican Recipe – Mole Sauce Recreated

Anyone who has ever attempted to make a mole sauce probably gave it up as a bad idea. An authentic mole has around 17 ingredients, and is a long, drawn our process. That explains why it is rarely offered on restaurant menus. A trip to the store will reveal some magical philtres such as Abuelita …

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Apr 06

Authentic Mexican Recipes – Stuffed Chicken From Oaxaca

This delicious recipe is famous in Juarez which is not too far from El Paso. Sauteing the chicken in oil rather than frying them cuts the fat content down a bit and so does using sour cream instead of heavy cream when making the chipotle sauce. Opt for low fat sour cream to make it …

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Mar 10

Bittersweet Mexican Chocolate Flan

Are you in the mood for a rich, decadent, and delicious dessert? Does your mouth water at the thought of puddings or custards? If so, then you may like to try making a bittersweet Mexican chocolate flan. If you do not already know the deliciousness of enjoying a flan, you may wonder what it is. …

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Jan 13

Easy Mexican Meat Pies

There are many different ingredients that can be used when preparing authentic Mexican food. Focus on colors, provided by different vegetables used in the recipes. Never hesitate to serve some of the ingredients in Mexican recipes on the side. Minced onion, sliced jalapenos, and diced tomatoes are a few traditional ingredients that can be placed …

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Jan 06

Stuffed Pork Mexican Style

Cooking for one or two people is not much of a challenge for fans of authentic Mexican food recipes, but what about cooking for ten or twelve people? The following stuffed pork recipe is one of the best reasons to fire up your grill. This amazing dish cooks to perfection on there and, if you …

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Oct 12

Homemade Horchata Recipe and More Mexican Beverages

When most people think of Mexican cuisine they don’t picture beverages to go with it. But in all cultures, the drink paired with the food is an important part of the entire experience. Imagine having a fine red snapper prepared Mexican style for dinner, then washing it down with orange juice or milk. Healthy, but …

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May 17

How To Make Mole

In case you’re wondering, the title does NOT refer to creating a small gopher-like animal or any dish containing it. No, mole is a delicious traditional Mexican sauce. In fact, it’s so traditional that the name derives from an Aztec word that just means ‘sauce’. The most popular type hails from Puebla, Mexico which gives …

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