Category: Mexican Recipes

Mar 17

Classic Flan Recipe

Calling flan a caramel custard is to do it an injustice. No mere pudding, this traditional Mexican dessert is the crème de la crème of sweets. Of course, not surprisingly, there are a hundred and one variations on the basic recipe. But sometimes the original is so much more than one can expect, to alter …

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Aug 23

Mexican Tortilla Salad with Lime and Jalapeno

Serve fiesta fare with marvelous Mexican flavors Crispy tortilla strips are a nice twist on the usual crouton. They stay crisp a surprisingly long time even once tossed in with the salad, making this a great BBQ potluck contribution. Mexican Tortilla Salad with Lime and Jalapeno Ingredients 8 cups (2 L) shredded romaine lettuce 2/3 …

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May 16

How to Make Mexican Pizza

Pizza may be associated more often with Italy, but the Mexican variety is hardly just a cheap knock-off. Quite the opposite. A good Mexican pizza will knock your socks off. They do have some things in common – flour, cheese, tomatoes. But there the similarities end. Mexican pizza is a world away from that of …

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Apr 17

How To Make Refried Beans

Two simple steps and you’re on your way to some great tasting refried beans. Start with great tasting ingredients. Get the freshest possible dried pinto beans. Anything that has been sitting around in a bag for a few months, even dried, will not make for the best result. Plus, the older they are the longer …

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