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Easy Mexican Chicken Recipes With Herbs

Chicken Breast with Thyme

Chicken Breast with Thyme

Beginners to the world of Mexican cuisine will enjoy learning some easy Mexican recipes featuring fresh or dried herbs. Chicken is a great ingredient to use for these because it is economical, easy to work with and versatile.

Some recipes call for an entire chicken, usually chopped into pieces, and others will suggest you use thighs or breast. Breasts are good for poaching or slow cooking but they can dry out in the oven unless you watch them closely. Thighs take longer to cook but the meat is richer in flavor and a lot of people prefer thighs.

There are various herbs you can work with. Cilantro is a popular herb because it goes so well with the flavor found in many traditional Mexican foods but mint, parsley, and thyme are also used frequently.

Mint Chicken

One of the simplest Mexican chicken recipes you can make is mint chicken. You will need half a cup of mint leaves to make this. Chop them up and let them soak in a cup of orange juice with a tablespoon of orange zest and quarter of a cup of white sugar added to it.

Cut a whole bird into pieces and wash them with running water. Pat the poultry dry. Salt them and then fry them until they are golden. Drain off the grease.

Boil five tablespoons of vinegar for half a minute, then add the orange juice and mint mixture. Pour this sauce over the bird and cook it until it is tender. Serve this delicious meal hot.

Thyme Chicken

Another simple idea is poultry cooked in its own juice. You will need a whole bird for this one too. Cut the bird into pieces and wash them. Pat them dry and sprinkle salt over them. Saute the poultry in hot oil, then take them out and fry four sliced onions in the same oil.

Put the poultry back in the pot and add a pinch of thyme, four tablespoons of vinegar, and a pinch of salt. Cover the pot and let the bird cook until it is tender, then serve it with cooked vegetables or a green salad.

Parsley Chicken

This tasty meal serves four people and it is great for busy weeknights. You will need four boneless, skinless breasts for this, weighing about five ounces each.

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F and spray nonstick cooking spray over a shallow baking pan. Lay the breasts in the baking tray and squeeze the juice from one lime over them. You can use a lemon instead of a lime if you prefer.

Sprinkle quarter of a cup of freshly chopped parsley on top, as well as the grated zest from the lime and a pinch of black pepper. Bake the breasts for twenty minutes or until they are 165 degrees F inside and cooked through without any traces of pink inside.


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