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Aug 09

4 Recipe Ideas for Mexican Dips

Mexican dips are a great idea if you are looking for inspiration for a buffet or dinner party. They can be quick and easy to prepare and most chilled ones just involve combining ingredients. If you are looking for something exciting, what about making a layered one or something hot? Here are four great, tried, …

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Aug 06

Traditional Mexican Mole

The term Mole is a generic name for numerous sauces used in traditional Mexican dishes. The term often refers to a specific sauce called mole poblano if used outside of Mexico. Even though Mole is used to describe a number of sauces, the sauces are all quite different. Some sauces mole can be used to …

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Jul 08

Mexican Fish Recipes – How To Make Mexican Cod Stew

Fish might not be the first ingredient to come to mind when you think about traditional Mexican foods, probably because of how chicken and beef tend to dominate the menus at Mexican restaurants. Fish and seafood is popular in Mexico though, especially in areas situated along the coastline. If you have spent a vacation in …

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